marc-emmanuel vives

Non-Executive Director

(Appointed on 15.04.2015 and ceased to be a director on 01.06.2021)

Marc-Emmanuel Vives joined CIEL Finance Limited as Chief Executive Officer in September 2014, bringing with him over 25 years’ experience at Société Générale. He left CIEL Finance Limited in July 2021 to pursue personal projects.

After starting within the General Inspection of the Société Générale Group, he spent the next 18 years of his career in various assignments in emerging countries, first in Argentina as Commercial Director, then Chairman & CEO of Société Générale Argentina, later in Russia, as CEO of Bank Société Générale Vostok, before becoming First Deputy Chairman of Rosbank, and finally in India as Country Manager.

Marc-Emmanuel holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from HEC Business School France, as well as a degree in History from Sorbonne University in Paris.