eric hautefeuille

Chief Operations Officer

Eric has a banking career spanning almost three decades at senior level. He spent 24 years at Société Générale, where he worked in various countries including Europe, Asia and Africa. During his tenure, he successively held the positions of Chief Information Officer and Project Director in Cameroon (1997-2000) and in Tahiti (2000-2005), Project Director in Russia (2005-2007), Head of Operations and Deputy Chief Operating Officer in China (2007-2011), Chief Operating Officer (COO) in India (2011-2014) and Head of Transversal Operations in France (2014-2015). Prior to joining Bank One as COO in October 2020, Eric held the positions of COO and Head of Transformation at BNI Madagascar for the last five years. He was instrumental in developing the BNI footprint, particularly on mobile, cards and payments businesses, as well as branchless digital microfinance.