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Fuelling the
community’s collective
wealth by empowering
individual success.

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Becoming Africa’s preferred gateway


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We are truthful, ethical and committed to doing the right thing.


We are creative, bold and embrace doing things differently, with our customers in mind.


We believe in, count and rely on each other to deliver consistently and walk the talk.


We speak up, hold each other to account and challenge each other to constantly improve.


We value everyone and treat them with respect and fairness.




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Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda,
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Malawi, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Namibia, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa

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Fuelling the community’s collective wealth by empowering individual success.

Heading towards the future while staying rooted in our values.

Embracing our sense
of purpose for the
greater good.

Unlocking the full potential of our diverse and talented communities.

Inspiring a legacy for the forthcoming generations.

Nurturing intracontinental relationships that make us collectively stronger.

Guillaume Passebecq

Head of Private Banking & Wealth Management

Guillaume Passebecq is an International School of Management (IDRAC) graduate who has spent his entire career in the banking sector. He started off as a Portfolio Manager at B* capital Paris, the BNP Paribas brokerage house in 1999. In 2007, he was appointed as Head of Sales at BNP Paribas Personal Investors Luxembourg. He joined AfrAsia Bank in 2014 and was subsequently appointed as Head of Private Banking. 

Guillaume joined Bank One as the Head of Private Banking in March 2017. He brought along the needed expertise to uplift the Private Banking offer. Following the setting up of the International Custody Platform, Securities Services and the External Wealth Managers Desk, our clients, both high-net-worth and institutional now have the tools for their wealth management experience. The Bank’s array of clients has also been widened to accommodate Asset Managers, Investment Funds, Pension Funds, Family Offices and Financial Intermediaries through a one stop shop and open architecture model.